A statistical association between food and disease or health is created by asking people how much of something they consume and then matching it up to the diseases. If statistical significance can be found, a paper is written on the observational study but there is obviously a high risk of bad data when people are asked to recall how much of anything they have. And if an epidemiologist has a goal in advance, it is easy to create statistical significance and highlight a risk that experts would dismiss. A new paper says that the recent stalling of salt reduction programmes in the UK will eat…
The UK's first national lockdown in March 2020 created a massive shift in consumer habits from which it will take years to recover.  A new study from the universities of Cambridge and Newcastle used an approach normally used to estimate cumulative excess deaths and found this new mortality was among UK retailers and restaurants.  To compare retail, hospitality and online sales in the UK between March and August 2020 with average figures for the same months for the years 2010-2019. Their economic models suggest that shops predominantly selling food, such as supermarkets, saw a 5-10% bump in…
In the United Kingdom, they were earlier to embrace offshore wind turbines. Now they face a critical environmental, economic, and energy challenge; how to get rid of them. And that is a problem about to hit all of Europe. In the early 2000s, the UK embraced offshore wind turbines as a way to offset their CO2 emissions and, like most confirmation bias events, refused to see the data right in front of their eyes. Wind power deserves basic research, but not government subsidies and mandates. It didn't work 200 years ago any more than having a garden meant you could feed a city and very little…


Farmers from Europe to South America have one large, fragile asset more important than all others. Their land. Specifically, a thin layer of topsoil that can readily wash away or be depleted.


The coronavirus pandemic has now spread to every country in Africa, hitting a continent already reeling from the worst plague of Desert


Data for the continuum of care for the numbers of Hepatitis B and C diagnoses and those in treatment and care are lacking in most countries but what data are in show one thing clearly; 80 percent of people living with hepatitis B and C infections


The brain has very high energy demand. For its body mass, the brain keeps mitochondria firing producing our body's common energy currency, ATP, from the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in our food.


W bosons, elementary particles that carry the weak force, one of the four fundamental forces.


A stark warning about the kind of summer that could become routine in the UK by the end of this century has been issued in a new study by the country’s Met Office.


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Forced contraception in exchange for aid is the solution. The problem is that there are too many of us. COVID-19 is nature’s way of dealing with the situation.