During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdowns were put in place by government, there was concern about the experts demanding the decisions. They were overwhelmingly not biologists and immunologists and doctors but were instead epidemiologists using numerical models and making projections with data in rapid flux. And, claims former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, dissent was banned. Few wanted to hear discussion about the mental health aspects of extended isolation on children, or missed doctor’s appointments and NHS waiting list backlogs so extensive that now patients take…
In late July 2022 French president Emmanuel Macron concluded a tour of Cameroon, Benin and Guinea-Bissau. And he visits Algeria between 25 and 27 August. At first glance, his choice of countries is difficult to understand. Three former French colonies – Cameroon, Benin and Algeria – and a former Portuguese colony, Guinea-Bissau, seem very different. Nevertheless, taken together, Macron’s visits tell a story in which France is doing penance for its colonial crimes while simultaneously trying to maintain the influence it gained through colonialism. These two themes also emerged at the New…
Elena and her husband are shepherds. Their herd of 400 free-roaming goats were bred over generations to make the most of the patchwork of woodlands and pastures that cover their local mountain range in central Spain. This type of farming produces some of the most sustainable meat and dairy that money can buy. They use little feed and fertilisers and the goats maintain biodiversity-rich grasslands through grazing. Even so, eking out a livelihood here is becoming increasingly difficult. Across Spain, local butchers and cheesemakers have closed down, rigid food standards prevent farmers from…


Farmers from Europe to South America have one large, fragile asset more important than all others. Their land. Specifically, a thin layer of topsoil that can readily wash away or be depleted.


The coronavirus pandemic has now spread to every country in Africa, hitting a continent already reeling from the worst plague of Desert


During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdowns were put in place by government, there was concern about the experts demanding the decisions.


Freie Universität Berlin’s Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy Rising Star Fellowship Program is open to researchers who have completed a doctoral degree within the last four years.


W bosons, elementary particles that carry the weak force, one of the four fundamental forces.


A stark warning about the kind of summer that could become routine in the UK by the end of this century has been issued in a new study by the country’s Met Office.


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Forced contraception in exchange for aid is the solution. The problem is that there are too many of us. COVID-19 is nature’s way of dealing with the situation.