If you ask even the mode ardent Parisian anti-vaxxer about a COVID-19 vaccine, almost all will want to take it. While measles was claimed to be a philosophical debate about choice, SARS-CoV-2 can clearly kill people and a lot of distrust of medicine and chemicals evaporates when a real problem occurs. Until then, we have masks and social distancing, but what about an "immunity passport" for people immune to COVID-19 and unlikely to catch or spread the disease? That's a philosophical debate but also a science one. From a science perspective, immunity may not mean what the public thinks it does…
Forced contraception in exchange for aid is the solution. The problem is that there are too many of us. COVID-19 is nature’s way of dealing with the situation. These comments are among the most popular responses recently published in the Sun in response to an article by the broadcaster David Attenborough on the climate crisis. But don’t be fooled into thinking the same scapegoating can’t be found below the line in a more progressive newspaper such as the Guardian – even if the racism is less explicit. A larger population does make it harder to treat the environment in the right way. But…
Benedictus, Benedicat, per Jesum Christum, Dominum Nostrum. Amen. Please be seated. It’s dinner time in St Paul’s College, Sydney, where I’m dean and head of house at Graduate House. The members of the High Table, wearing academic gowns, have processed into the refectory to a table laden with candelabra and silver accoutrements from the college treasury, each place set with cutlery and glasses. The students, also in gowns, rise from their seats to acknowledge the High Table, and stand until the presider has finished the Latin grace (this is the shorter one – a longer version is kept for…


Farmers from Europe to South America have one large, fragile asset more important than all others. Their land. Specifically, a thin layer of topsoil that can readily wash away or be depleted.


The coronavirus pandemic has now spread to every country in Africa, hitting a continent already reeling from the worst plague of Desert


Data for the continuum of care for the numbers of Hepatitis B and C diagnoses and those in treatment and care are lacking in most countries but what data are in show one thing clearly; 80 percent of people living with hepatitis B and C infections


The brain has very high energy demand. For its body mass, the brain keeps mitochondria firing producing our body's common energy currency, ATP, from the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in our food.


W bosons, elementary particles that carry the weak force, one of the four fundamental forces.


A stark warning about the kind of summer that could become routine in the UK by the end of this century has been issued in a new study by the country’s Met Office.


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Forced contraception in exchange for aid is the solution. The problem is that there are too many of us. COVID-19 is nature’s way of dealing with the situation.