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In 2006, I founded Science 2.0, and since then we have educated 300,000,000 people directly and our reach is approaching one billion.

Revolutionizing the way scientists Communicate, Participate, Collaborate and Publish is the goal of Science 2.0® and it is a work in progress, so if you agree, sign up and help. I've also written for USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Wired, LA Times, Investors Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, The Hill, Detroit News, American Thinker, Federalist,The San Diego Union-Tribune, Genetic Literacy, Food Quality & Safety, and many more places. Down below are ways to reach me on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you can also send me email through this page.

My first book, Science Left Behind, was the #1 bestseller in Amazon environmental policy books. Some reviews:

Wall Street Journal - “usefully revealing how pervasive scientific misinformation is in progressive arguments on organic and genetically modified foods, clean energy, nuclear waste and other matters.”

Scientific American - “...the left's sacred values seem fixated on the environment, leading to an almost religious fervor over the purity and sanctity of air, water and especially food. Try having a conversation with a liberal progressive about GMOs — genetically modified organisms — in which the words “Monsanto” and “profit” are not dropped like syllogistic bombs.”

Forbes - “on many of the most critical issues of our time, the “progressive” perspective is often rooted in out-dated, anti-empirical, junk science paradigms that threaten innovation—and are beginning to unnerve the most scientifically minded thinkers on the left."

Huntington News - "Groundbreaking…If I were teaching journalism, this is a book that I would require my students to read and absorb -- and keep for reference.”

Science Based Medicine - "pure music to the ears of science-based medicine. They agree that the anti-vaccine movement is based on outright lies, they call the Huffington Post a laughingstock of the scientific community for its endorsement of CAM, they call for the NCCAM to be abolished, [and] they explain why presenting data about relative risks rather than absolute risks is misleading."

Below are books I wrote or collaborated on:

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